I began writing  in 2007, whilst on my enforced break from acting. I had an idea for a play and named it after the first record I ever bought. Unfortunately, this was Save Your Kisses For Me by The Brotherhood of Man. In my defence I was very young and had questionable musical taste – as opposed to now, when I’m older and have appalling musical taste. From the play’s success, I became the In-House writer for Heartbreak Productions, writing and adapting plays for national tours. I’ve also had the pleasure of adapting four of David Walliam’s wonderful children’s novels as well as having my own independent plays produced. My first novel, The Rainbow Player, was published in 2017. Please see the bottom of the page for a full CV.


20 : 40

20 : 40 is my new independent play and is currently in pre-production prior to an Off-West End run in the spring of 2019 (more details when venue confirmed).  It’s about depression and concerns Michael at ages twenty and forty. Michael is one of those lovely, ever-optimistic people who hide their depression so as not to worry those they love, and his story is told in a series of flashbacks that reflect on pivotal moments of his life. I’m hoping that the play will bring even more attention to this devastating issue. It’s our intention to work with charities, to hold Q&A’s after some performances and to hopefully bring on board celebrities and experts to further enhance awareness of mental health issues. However, the play is also a celebration of life, and how both fuse together in Michael’s journey.


I’m currently writing my new novel. More info when I’m closer to finishing.


This is my adaptation of John Dryden’s restoration play. It’s set in World War I and is having a limited run, opening on 8th November at Merton Arts (Wimbledon), to mark the centenary of the end of that unspeakable war.


This is another new play that I hope to have staged in London and Edinburgh in 2019. It came about originally as a joke. When I was adapting Pride and Prejudice, the producer rang me and asked how things were going. ‘Fine’, I said, ‘I’ve changed a couple of things: Darcy and Bingley end up together and the title is now ‘Gay Pride And No Prejudice’. I mentioned this to several director-friends who all said ‘You simply must write this’. So I did! It’s adapted from Austen’s beautiful novel, but adds in a burgeoning love interest between Darcy and Bingley. Back then, of course, it’s what isn’t said that’s important.




This was the fourth of David Walliam’s wonderful children’s novels that I’ve had the privilege of adapting. It had a four-month national tour this summer.


This was the third production of my adaptation of Pride And Prejudice. It completed a three-month national tour in September








I was thrilled to be asked to adapt David Walliam’s wonderful children’s novel for a national tour in 2015.


Following the success of Mr Stink I was asked to adapt my second of David’s  novels which toured in 2016.


These are the other novels I’ve had the pleasure of adapting for Heartbreak Productions, all of which have completed national and international tours.


Originally produced at Jermyn Street Theatre in September 2011 by Sally Humphreys Productions.

“When you die, you stop off at the moon on the way to Heaven to have lunch and wave goodbye to everyone on earth”. This is seven year-old Jamie’s theory about dying. He still has the same theory at eighty-two.

This is the story of Jamie and Paul and a lifelong friendship between 1920 and 2002. Jamie is in love with life. If he could he would hug the world. Paul is quieter, more studious and the reins that keep Jamie from flying too high.

The Moon is Halfway to Heaven. Photo by Matt Crockett

At seven they think that grown-ups know everything. Paul says it happens when you’re twenty-two and a half, because, at twenty-one, you’re allowed to vote, drink and ‘do naughties’, but it takes a year and a half to get good at them. But, as they move through adolescence to the troughs and exuberances of adulthood and old age, they begin to see that, in the grand scheme of things, we never really grow up.

They always meet in their special place; a clearing in an orchard. And, every time they go there, they make a notch in either end of ‘their’ bench. Its here that they play and philosophise; here that Jamie tries to teach Paul that he can have more fun with girls than the Encyclopaedia Britannica; here that they go to war, recover from divorce, get drunk on their retirement; and here that they eventually face their own mortality.

The play is a poignant comedy that allows us to join the life-journey of Jamie and Paul in all their fallible glory and shows that conventional family ties and marriage are sometimes superseded by the love for a friend.


Originally produced at the Barons Court Theatre in 2007.

“I lost my virginity at a bus stop. Total disaster, bus came before I did.”

So says Sam to Alex in a moment of alcohol fuelled male bonding. Their girlfriends, Julie and Karen, don’t need a bucket of lager to bond. Women can say “I love you” as friends. Men can’t. However, the guys are becoming very close. Maybe too close for comfort…..
This poignant comedy evokes a summer of love, laughter, friendship, impossibly large gins, the abandoning of any pretence at adulthood, and a story of what happens between two straight men when the macho barriers collapse and friendship becomes love.


Various corporate scripts for clients including the Home Office and the UK Veins Conference



The Midnight Gang                        Adaptor                        National tour               2018

Pride And Prejudice                       Adaptor                        National tour               2018

Billionaire Boy                                 Adaptator                    National Tour              2017

The Rainbow Player                       Writer                          Novel                              2017

The Secret Garden                          Adaptator                    National Tour               2017

Murder On The Terrace                 Writer                          National Tour               2017

Ratburger                                          Adaptator                     National Tour              2016

Murder On The Terrace                 Writer                            National Tour              2016

Mr Stink                                             Adaptator                     National Tour              2015

Loves Labours Lost                          Additional Dialogue   National Tour              2015

Pride And Prejudice                         Adaptator                     National Tour              2015

The Tour                                             Writer                          TV Pilot                          2014

Pub Games                                          Writer                          Short Film                     2014

Peter Pan                                             Adaptator                    National Tour               2014

Dracula                                                 Adaptator                     National Tour              2013

Just The Job                                        Co-Writer                     BBC Radio                    2012

Pride And Prejudice                           Adaptor                         National Tour              2012

The Moon Is Halfway To Heaven    Writer                           Jermyn St Theatre       2011

The Railway Children                        Additional Dialogue    National Tour              2010

Emma                                                    Co–adaptor                   National Tour              2009

Save Your Kisses For Me                    Writer                            Barons Ct Theatre      2007