‘The show has an emotional integrity that’s highly satisfying; and the cast are spot on. The writer, David Kerby-Kendall, is quite a talent; not only does he produce the play, he also plays Sam as a handsome, witty scallywag; a sort of Jack Davenport without the chiselled hauteur. When he writes another play, I’ll be there’.



 ‘David Kerby-Kendall’s writing, like his portrayal of Paul, is both touchingly witty and heartfelt. Watching Kerby-Kendall’s characters grow in age and love for one another does what all good theatre should – takes its audience on a journey and empathy is easily achieved when actors truly inhabit and understand their character.
A well crafted study of what true friendship means, The Moon Is Halfway To Heaven sits comfortably between Blood Brothers, Waiting for Godot and Blue Remembered Hills as a charming portrayal of growing up and growing old’.

                                                                     British Theatre Guide

 ‘The Moon is Half Way to Heaven is a bitter-sweet evening, heavy on the Kleenex. With a strong creative team, assured writing and compelling performances’.

                                                                                 Extra! Extra!

 ‘Genuinely funny and moving’.


‘David Kerby-Kendall’s second play lives and breathes in its celebration of friendship. There is genuine sentiment behind this play which makes it so touching’.



 ‘That this boozer, and the plummet into rat-arsedness, never fail to convince is down, not only to the fluency of Jack Shepherd’s script, but to the performances of a superb ensemble’.

                                                                                       Time Out

 ‘David Kerby-Kendall’s Chris vainly acts as a peacemaker….. but each character in the cast is a lovingly real, terribly flawed jigsaw piece in an increasingly tense evening’.

                                                                             Daily Telegraph


‘David Kerby-Kendall was hilarious as a camp Angelo’.

                                                                        Worcester News

 ‘The whole cast were excellent with David Kerby-Kendall raising huge laughs with his performance’.

                                                                        Halifax Courier



‘David Kerby-Kendall was wonderful as the down-trodden Lawrence’.

                                                                        Leicester Mercury


 ‘There’s lots of knockabout humour to make sure things are never taken too seriously. That’s not to say that David Kerby-Kendall’s entertaining script and Peter Mimmack’s pacy direction shy away from some of the more difficult issues’.

                                                                                      The Stage

 ‘David Walliam’s book was brilliantly adapted for the stage by David Kerby-Kendall’.

                                                                        Warrington Guardian


 ‘The dedicated group of five actors, most of whom play up to five different roles, vividly brings David Kerby Kendall’s first-rate stage adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s popular children’s book to life’.

The Stage


‘Brilliantly created by Heartbreak Production’s In-House writer, David Kerby-Kendall…..’

                                                                                    The Stage


 ‘David Kerby-Kendall’s adaptation features a broad range of comic characters brought to life enthusiastically from his source material’.

                                                                                      The Stage


 ‘Murder on the Terrace is an unashamedly tongue-in-cheek spoof of the Agatha Christie genre, complete with toffs, Thirties cliches and some topical social comment to boot………With fun explicitly at the top of the priority list, Heartbreak have put together a production of warmth, wit and well-judged silliness’.

The Stage                                           

 THE RAINBOW PLAYER (Originally published as The Last Taboo)

Book Rating: 8.5/10
Heartfelt, humourous, and incredibly moving!
This is an entertaining, captivating story that not only reminds us to live and love to the fullest, enjoying each high and learning from each low, but also highlights the unfortunate stigma and stereotypical mentality surrounding professional sports.
The characters are flawed, genuine, caring, and lovable. The writing is witty and direct. And the plot is a captivating tale about life, familial dynamics, coming-of-age, friendship, perseverance, support, and unconditional love that will not only make you laugh but also make you cry.
This truly is a well-written, thought-provoking novel by Kerby-Kendall with a nice amount of emotion, drama, humour, and character development. And even though this novel is certainly rooted in the LGBTQIA genre it’s so much more than that, at its core it’s a story about love, pure and simple, with no limits, no labels, and no regrets!

 “This is, without doubt, one of the best books I have had the pleasure of reading.

“A ridiculously good debut novel.”

“Sam’s story is joyous, tragic, uplifting and brutal and should have you turning those pages long into the night.”

“David Kerby-Kendall has created something outstanding here. I urge you to read this book; you will not be disappointed.”

“The author deals with the subject in a tasteful and sensitive way. In an age when not much is taboo anymore, David Kerby-Kendall has tackled the subject with sensitivity and honesty.”

“Laugh out loud funny.”

“Warm, funny and profound; I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

“This wonderful piece of literature had me laughing out loud, becoming emotional, and often refusing to sleep at a reasonable hour in favour of another chapter or seven.”

“I fell head over heels in love with this book after about three sentences.

“Simply beautiful.”

“Funny, upbeat and original.”

“Had me gripped from the opening pages.”

“Delves into the complexity of relationships with truth and dexterity whilst remaining an absolute joy to read.”

“Caused me to laugh out loud on public transport and weep like a grieving child.”

“A beautiful, honest, heartfelt story that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading.”