Merry Christmas everyone

Hi everyone,

So, as we hurtle toward the end of another stonkingly ‘up and down’ year, I’d just like to reflect that ‘up and down’ is what life is all about really. It would be awfully dull if everything went well all the time…….

I’ve just looked at that last line three times and am still trying to justify it! I think, if you have all that you want all of the time, it takes away the need to aim for better things, for new goals, and so to find areas of yourself you never knew existed, and move toward finding out who you really are. We all like a challenge, and that is what life is a series of. And also remember to learn from our successes, not just our mistakes. Being our own biggest critics, we forget we’re actually allowed to have successes; and acknowledge them.

So, my New Year’s resolution is one I made five year’s ago (and singularly failed to carry out): it consists of two words: ‘Fuck It’. Just stop analysing everything and do what my heart tells me is right. After all, the brain is merely a computer that can only apply logical responses that have no connection with individual thought, ambition, lust, happiness and love.

Hugely excited about next year; especially as, after eight years of working at least three jobs and consequently foregoing much of the time I could have spent on artistic endeavours, I’m actually going to cut down, devote more time to writing, and return to the acting profession. I honestly feel like a seven year-old with a new toy (probably an electric train-set; probably with the Flying Scotsman in it). I’ve missed acting but, with several recent-ish knee operations, I’ve had to be pretty dormant on that front. However, the little switch inside me that tells me what I REALLY want, has flipped over to ‘do it’, which is precisely what I’m going to do.

On the writing front, I’ve got four projects on the go. My publishers and myself are revamping and republishing my novel, The Last Taboo. It’s now going to be called Sammy and will have a new cover, no typo’s, new blurb and a new final page. We’ve realised that it’s a funny, touching, coming-of-age novel and we’ve neglected to mention that so far. Sammy should be out in January or February 2016 and there will be a big marketing campaign to go hand-in-hand with it.

I’ve now finished my fourth independent play, having work-shopped the previous draft with Shazz Andrew directing and Oliver Gully and myself playing the two roles. It’s the first time I’ve work-shopped a play, and it threw up some very interesting points (quite a large one being that the monologues were over-written and the whole play needed at least twenty minutes cutting off it! I’ve done this and will shortly be arranging a Rehearsed Reading in London in order to get a producer on board.

I’m also going to be writing a full-length Murder/Mystery for Heartbreak Productions for a national tour next year and the final bit of news is my favourite: after the success of Mr Stink this year, I’m going to be adapting another of David Walliam’s superb childrens’novels, Ratburger; again for a national tour in 2016.

And I’m also going to stop eating cake (all the time), go to the gym three times a week EVERY week, stop eating HUGE meals when I get home late at night, play tennis (and win occasionally) and actually go to see a movie. I believe they’re in colour nowadays.

Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a peaceful and successful New Year.


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