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A jolly spiffing happy New Year to you all. Hope your Christmases were fabulous and that all your stockings were full….so to speak.

I know that new chapters in our lives can begin at any time, not necessarily on January 1st, but the date has such a psychologically profound effect that it’s often the only time we can conquer that dastardly four-letter word ‘Fear’; fear of failure and, even more scarily, fear of success.
In a recent Facebook status I said that I was making only one New Year’s resolution this year. It is ‘Fuck it’. Nothing negative about it though; I need it so that I can stop analysing, re-analysing, over-analysing and, eventually, dismissing the difficult option in any decision I have to make. In my first play I wrote a speech for a character who, whenever he has a difficult decision to make, imagines himself to be ninety-five and therefore too old to be able to accomplish whatever he decides. Then he looks back at the age he is now and decides what he would have done. Invariably he takes the risky choice because he would only have regretted not finding out if it were possible. ‘Living’, I believe it’s called.

Anyway, enough philosophising; it’s hurting my brain, or what’s left of it after New Year’s Eve.
So, I have fantastic news to impart. My first novel, The Last Taboo, is to be published! I’m thrilled to say that Whiteley Publishing have taken it on. We’ve just signed contracts and, when it’s been proof-read, it will available to buy. I need to chat to my publisher about what outlets it will be available on, but definitely ‘Amazon’. I’m chuffed, to say the least. I so enjoyed sitting in cafes, letting the background noise become some subconscious tapestry on which to create a new world; a world that I could control (and, let’s face it, I can’t control the real one); falling in love and dislike with the characters; finding paths I hadn’t envisaged when I began planning the book. Also, as far as I know, there isn’t another novel on this subject, and it’s currently VERY topical. I will reveal more when we’re a tad closer to publication.

Also on the writing front, I’m doing another re-write of the pilot episode of The Tour, a six-part TV series tracing the lives of a group of touring actors. I’m also continuing to write 20:40, my fourth independent play; I’m marketing the revamped version of Gay Pride And No Prejudice (my third play) and, in the spring, will begin planning an adult pantomime for Heartbreak Productions. SO much opportunity for legitimate outrageousness!

On the acting front, I shall be reprising Father and Son:Son and Father (with the wonderful Brian Cook as God and me as Jesus) in a short tour this Easter; then almost immediately playing Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Arundel and, later this year, will be in the cast of a celebratory production of Tiger At the Gates (a wonderful play about the first World War).

Speaking of the World War I, I am also co-producing and reciting an anthology of War Poetry (with songs from 1914-18) with Michael McGlone of MJM Audio, which should be available as a CD or download on Amazon sometime in February.

And all this whilst holding down three jobs to pay the mortgage………please don’t choke on the smell of burning martyr.

Have a wonderful January and may 2014 bring you peace, happiness and a large dollop of success.


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