Too much, too young…Well, too much, anyway

‘Too much’ is definitely appropriate at the moment. ‘Too young’ is, frankly, just wishful thinking.

Things have been a tad frenetic recently (which is a pretty feeble excuse for not having put a blog up for ages). However, this is a good thing as it means that I’m not sitting on my newly gym-toned arse….OK, partially gym-toned arse……..OK, soon to be gym-toned arse, and that stuff is happening.

‘Stuff’ is such a great word. It can mean anything from ‘winning an Oscar’ to ‘leaving a note for your flatmate to get some more milk’. I write a list every month of things I need to do (I have the memory of an amnesiac goldfish) and I always entitle it ‘Stuff’. This way, if they’re really difficult things, they don’t sound so bad.

I’ve got five bits of stuff on the go at the moment.

One is my new play, entitled ’20-40′. It’s the story of a recently separated forty year-old. whose best friend has also just died. He’s looking back and comparing his life now to when he was twenty. It’s going to be a life-affirming play…to an extent. I shall say no more for the time being.

Two, is my third play, ‘Gay Pride and No Prejudice’. Following it’s successful reading at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane last November, I’m now actively looking for a venue and producer. Having edited the play considerably, I think it’s now ready for a full-scale production.

Three is my first novel, ‘The Last Taboo’. It’s currently being edited and is under consideration by a major literary advisor. I’m extremely excited. Obviously I’m not counting my chickens until they’re stuffed and in the oven, but I’m very chuffed at the fact that it’s got this far. I’m just waiting on the 5000 word report on it and then we take it from there.

Four is ‘Payback’! This is the musical that I have been acting as script advisor on and is now in rehearsals for a run at the Riverside Studios in June. It has some fabulous songs and is a terrific story. Congratulations to Paul Rayfield for writing it and many good wishes to Simon Greiff, who is a fabulous director and will make an absolute success of it.

And five is – leaving a note for my flatmate. We need more milk.

Acting-wise, I’ve recorded another play for Political Art. It’s called ‘The Corridors of Power’ and is now on their website – At Easter, I also reprised the play I did last year, playing Jesus in ‘Father and Son: Son and Father’ and had the pleasure of being able to act again with the wonderful Brian Cook (who played my Dad!) and Yvette Byrne, who directed. And I’m about to start recording an anthology of World War I poetry with MJM Audio.

More news soon. Have to rush now. My flatmate’s useless and there’s no milk for my tea.

Take much care.


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