‘Gay Pride and No Prejudice’

And so, finally, after several new African countries were founded and man reached Mars, here’s the latest blog.

Very excited about a reading of my new play, ‘Gay Pride and No Prejudice’, which will be performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on Wednesday 21st November at 2pm. It will be a semi-staged production with scripts and some movement. but no set or props to smash/spill/fall over. Super cast and director and a wonderful venue in the Grand Saloon at the theatre. It’s the 200th anniversary of Austen’s novel next year and I’m hoping a wise and savvy producer will realise the marketing potential (and like the play, of course!) and take it on.

My novel, ‘The Last Taboo’, is now two-thirds written. I’ve had to put it on the shelf to gather dust (next to my current love-life!) whilst I produce ‘Gay Pride’, but I have a Literary Agent who is very interested and so will need to finish it by the end of the year. Really loving writing it. I sit in West End coffee bars downing skinny decaff mochas, writing my novel, and re-inventing the word ‘pretentious’. It’s funny, I can’t normally shut out background noise (without turning off the sound system or smacking someone round the face if they’re talking too loudly or utter gobshite) but, when I’m writing, all that changes. I make one drink last four hours and the rest of the world happens in a different dimension.

Took a week off in mid-October to have my first holiday in two years. Went down to Cornwall with some friends and stayed in an apartment in a 17th century castle on a clifftop overlooking St Michael’s Bay. Spent the week going on long beach and cliff walks and pottering around little harbour towns, eating cake and ice cream and generally behaving like a seven year-old with ADHD. It was fantastic! I don’t think we realise how much stress there is (and that we create for ourselves – self-induced deadlines, etc) until we get away from it and live life at a pace that it should be lived at. Promised myself I’d stay like that when I came back. Promise lasted about three and a half minutes.

Oh, and finally, congrats to my friend, John Fryer, who runs Political Art Productions. His radio plays (I recorded my fifth with him this month) are now being played on local BBC radio and also local stations in the States.

Until next time, take much care of yourselves,


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