Diamond Jubilee Update

So, you will have guessed by the total absence of blogs, entries, epistles, monologues or minor overtures to someone who’s talent I admire greatly ( who I may also have the hots for, but that’s just coincidence ), that I’ve been a tad busy of late.

You know you’re doing too much when the words ‘social’ and ‘life’ belong to a foreign language; when, in a rare five minute break between jobs and projects, you only have the energy to stare brainlessly at the wall, but still feel guilty about it.

And here’s a piece of advice. Don’t produce, write and act in your own showreel. You will end up with a brain like an underset blancmange.

Anyway, in the aeon since my last entry, I have:

1 – Filmed my first short film, entitled ‘Pub Games’. Great fun, especially the ‘rape scene’ in an alley in Soho. Fifty members of the public watching at one point. My friend, Case Eames, who I was acting with at the time, said, “My God, look at all those people; I feel like a movie star”. I said, “Well you’re not, so get over it”. It’s now being edited by Geoff Rice before a rough edit goes to Tom Baynton to do the music. Thanks to Jonathan Sendall ( director & cinematographer ), Geoff, Andreas Ayling ( co-producer ), Ben Stevens ( technical manager ) and Will Howells ( sound engineer ) as well as Case and James Graham for the acting……. and raping!

2 – Recorded a new acting audioreel and a new voicereel with my friend, Michael McGlone and his new company ‘MJM Audio‘ ( www.mjmaudio.co.uk ).

3 – Filmed three scenes for a new showreel. So, I’m now playing the owner of an advertising company, a straight man in love with a gay man, a mentally-challenged Asberger’s sufferer and a rapist. Um, no variety there then.

4 – Finished the framing devices for Heartbreak Productions tours of ‘Private Lives’ and ‘The Railway Children’ ( www.heartbreakproductions.co.uk ).

5 – Finished the rewrites of my third play, ‘Gay Pride and no Prejudice’.

6 – Recorded two radio plays for Political Art Productions ( www.political-art.co.uk ), for the talented playwright, John Fryer.

7 – Played Jesus in ‘Father and Son: Son and Father’ in Arundel, with the wonderful Brian Cook as ‘God’. Let’s face it, you can’t get much higher than playing THAT role….Alan Sugar, possibly? ). Amazing production. So many people said it had changed their lives. For the better, I hope.

8 – And finally, just finished the first third of my novel, ‘The Last Taboo’.

I am officially a tad pooped.

So, just the novel to finish and a producer to find for ‘Gay Pride and No Prejudice’. We’ll be having a reading of it in about six weeks at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, so watch this space!

Finally, big thanks to my friend, Anthony Pearson, who runs this site for me, for all the fab new gizmo’s.

Hope you’re all lovely. Together we can hold aloft the enchanted flag of summer.

Take care, David.

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