Gay Pride and No Prejudice

Dearest Readers,

Bless you for your patience while there was a distinct lack of blog entries. This was due to a distinct lack of blog entries.

Other minor reasons were the extraordinary amount of deadlines I had to hit in a very short period. The good thing was that these were all hit. Some of them rebounded and had to be hit again, but that’s producers for you.

So, I have now finished advising Paul Rayfield on the script of his new musical, ‘Playback’. He now has a witty and tight script to go with a great concept and some terrific songs. Paul is now looking for a producer for a decent-sized fringe venue so, if anyone knows somebody who may be interested. please let me know and I’ll pass on the details.

I have also finished writing two framing devices for Heartbreak, for ‘Private LIves’ and ‘The Railway Children’; to of the three outdoor national tours they are taking out this year ( the other being, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’). If you can, do get to see them. Their productions are top notch; strong casts, innovative, creative, yet retaining traditional values; in effect, an idyllic British summer’s evening – unless it’s peeing down, of course. But, as we know, it NEVER rains in the summer….. and I’ve won three Oscars and the moon’s made of Stilton.

I’ve also finished my third independent play. ‘Gay Pride and No Prejudice’ is based on an adaptation I did for Heartbreak of Austen’s fabulous ( if you’re female ) novel. (If you’re male, it’s just lots of women sitting on chairs discussing which chairs they’re going to sit on next). I’ve been converted, however, and love the thinly veiled sarcy remarks and bitchy and clever relationships between the characters. I’ve heightened the humour but kept that lovely 19th century concept of ‘it’s what ISN’T said that’s important’. The BIG difference, of course, is that Darcy and Bingley’s relationship becomes much closer than in the novel. This is, like the rest of the storylines, understated to begin with but, once vocalised, becomes a reality that has to be faced in an era when there were more things swept under the rug than placed on top of it. I’m arranging a rehearsed reading to promote the play and get interest from producers and backers in the next few weeks. More info when we have a definite date.

And we’re now into pre-production on my first short film. It’s called ‘Pub Games’ and is about date rape ( not exactly a comedy, as you will have guessed ), but has a couple of unexpected twists at the end. Looking forward to this as I’m going to be in it, playing the nice guy who turns nasty.

Speaking of nice guys, I’m going to be playing Jesus in a one-off performance in Arundel of a wonderful play called ‘Father and Son: Son and Father’. It’s a series of conversations between God and Jesus from Him being thirty to thirty-three and the resurrection. Terrific snippets of dialogue, such as:

God : What did you do today?
Jesus : Went for a walk by the lake.
God : Where exactly?
Jesus : By the lake.
God : Exactly?
Jesus : OK, ACROSS the lake!

It’s taking place on Sunday 1st April and will be the third time I’ve played Jesus. I’ve also played Judas and the Devil, so that pretty much balances things out! Either that or makes me a bibilcal schizophrenic.

Anyway, I’m off. I have sleep to catch up on and rugby to watch, and my old Leicester accent to revisit. Why it only comes back when I watch sport, I’ve no idea.

Take much care of yourselves, and a big ‘almost’ welcome to Spring – the time of year when anything is achievable.


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