Resolute Resolutions

A jolly spiffing new year to everyone. Hope your festive season was, indeed, festive and that Santa was kind. And, of course, that your new year was enjoyable and, at least, partially, memorable.

I spent a lovely day with my brother and nephew, had some wonderful food ( my bro cooks like a god ), played some games and practiced my ‘yes, I really wanted a new egg whisk’ face instead of my usual honest ‘what the fuck is this this?’ face.

I also broke my first new year resolution by making a list of resolutions. I think they’re good. They give you an incentive ( to fail, usually, and subsequently to become depressed about failing, and consequently to give up for the rest of the year ), and a goal and start the year in a generally positive fashion. I can honestly say that up to today ( January 14th ), I haven’t broken any of them. I have actually started any of them either.

One of my resolutions was to do less. Um, yes, that hasn’t exactly panned out. So far, the ‘to do’ list has the following : Finish advising on the script of a new musical, finish the final edit of my third play, write two framing devices for Heartbreak Prods national tours, revisit the pilot episode of a 6 part TV series for Heartbreak, market my second play after its successful run at Jermyn St Theatre, film ‘Pub Games, my first short screenplay, and start writing my novel again. Apart from that, I’ve got bog all to do.

The musical, ‘Playback’, is a hugely entertaining piece. Great songs and all based around a TV chat show with absent fathers, Essex stereotypes, DNA tests, altered identitites and general mayhem and good, British sarcasm, bitchiness and fun. Paul Rayfield, the writer, has done some sterling work, but its the first thing he’s written, so I’ve come in to give him a hand with the script. We finish this coming week and then the new version will be able to be marketed to potential investors and venues. Watch this space!

My third play is in its final edit and I’m already talking to possible producers. I’m very lucky as its getting a lot of attention. Its called ‘Gay Pride and No Prejudice’ and is an adaptation of Austen’s wonderful novel, but, as you’ve probably guessed by the ever-so-unsubtle title, a major twist. I’ve kept it in Austen’s prose ( as I did for Heartbreak last year ), and have stuck pretty religiously to the storyline. The things that have changed are that I’ve heightened the humour raised the level of bitchiness and cynicism and, of course, explored the ‘friendship’ between Darcy and Bingley in far more detail. By ‘explore’, I mean taken to a whole new level, but still in that terribly restrained Austen style. We’re going to be doing a reading soon to generate interest and see where we go from there. As I mentioned, the initial interest is fantastic.

My film, ‘Pub Games’ is to be shot in February, and concerns date rape, but with some interesting twists. The sort of twists that leave you not knowing whether to laugh, gasp or hide behind a cushion. ( I always go for the cushion, myself. The same when I watch a horror movie or the X Factor. Oh, hang on, no difference ). I’m also going to be in it – as the nice guy who turns rapist – and I’ve been lucjky enough to obtain the services of Jonathan Sendall, who’s going to direct. I’ll post it on the website when it’s edited.

However, I am also going to find some ‘me’ time. I think sometiimes we forget to do this, and its SO essential. We’re not here ( by ‘here’, I mean ‘on earth’, rather than my bedroom, where I’m typing this ) just to work. You can’t discover new things about yourself and the world and generally broaden your outlook, if your head is permanently stuck in a work tunnel. I watched a programme on Discovery the other day, presented by Terry Jones, about the ordinary Egyptian working man, and they’d actually found a piece of stone that a worker had written on during his lunchbreak, and it said’ “Toil for only as long as you have to, and play and relax and live as hard as you can for the rest of the time”. Boy was he right.

Take much care and have a peaceful and happy January.


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