The Dark Side of the Moon

And so ‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’ has finished it’s four-week run at Jermyn Street Theatre.

Massive thanks to Sally and Michael at Sally Humphreys Productions for making a fabulous job of producing, to Joe Fredericks for his terrific direction, to Jason, Paul and Theo, our brilliant creative team, Ben Stevens, our superb stage manager, Adam Stone, who was an excellent ASM/Understudy/Asst Director and last, but by absolutely no means least, the brilliant Lucas Hare with whom it was a total pleasure to act with every night.

I had a ball. I was returning to acting after a long stretch away and wondered whether I was actually up to playing a character who ages 83 years in an hour and a half and also, whether I’d enjoy going on stage again. It transpires, from the very lovely comments of the audience and industry pros, that I managed the first point and, as far as the second goes, I LOVED it! I remembered the lines (not necessarily in the right order or, indeed, from the right play ) and even threw in some acting occasionally. I realised how much I’d missed the thrill of live theatre. Even just sitting in my dressing room, caking on enough eye-liner to cater for a burlesque troupe, that strange mixture of comfort, anticipation, nerves and excitement washed over me like waves on a lifeboat. Scary, but you know you’re not going to sink.

My thanks to all my friends and family who supported me and to my flatmates who heard the lines so often, they could probably have appeared in the play themselves.

It’s funny how writing and acting in something that receives a certain amount of critical acclaim galvanises you into knowing what you really want to do with your life. It made me realise that I didn’t want to reach the age of ninety and say ‘I wish I’d done that’. It remiinds me of that oft-used saying, almost cliched now, of ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’. We are so afraid to fail that sometimes we never try.

So, up next is some more writing for Heartbreak Productions ( nothing decided yet ), advising a new writer called Paul Rayfield on the script of his new musical called Playback ( a fab parody of the likes of the Jeremy Kyle show ), a secret venture which I shall reveal shortly and which is getting a lot of attention, and hopefully some acting jobs. I said a sad farewell to my Edward, my agent for some time, and a happy hello to Peter, my new agent, two weeks ago (details on the ‘Contacts’ page).

Congrats to my erstwhile acting buddy, Lucas Hare, on his going straight from ‘Moon’ into ‘Death and the Maiden’ at the Comedy Theatre.

And to finish, I’m reminded of a quote from a well-known TV director who I did a class with recently. Myself and the actress I was shooting with were a little dubious as to whether we were confident enough to shoot the scene. The director turned to us and said ‘sometimes in acting as in life, you have to stand on the edge and fly’.

Time to fly.

Take much care,

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