It’s finally happened!

And so, after months of tearing my hair out, opening my own valium-processing plant and generally running around llike a kid whose Scalextric set won’t work, I’ve finally got a play on in a West End studio theatre.
‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’ opened at Jermyn Street Theatre on 6th September and runs through until 1st October.
It’s been extraordinary fun, mixed with the obvious stress of acting in as well as writing a play.
Sally Humphreys and Michael Throne, who are producing, have done a wonderful job ( the posters are some of the nicest I’ve ever seen – and that’s without a hint of bias) – and Joe Fredericks has done a terrific job of directing, especially as the rehearsal period was only two weeks. Lucas Hare is simply wonderful to act with and has the role of Jamie down to a ‘T’.
We’ve had some truly lovely feedback from the audiences and even the reviewers have been generally positive in their critiques. My favourite, and I had to read this three times before it sunk in, is from the British Theatre Guide and says ‘This play sits comfortably alongside ‘Blood Brothers’, ‘Waiting for Godot’ and ‘Blue Remembered Hills’. I was so chuffed I nearly bought a round at the pub.
If anyone fancies seeing the play, there’s a Whatsonstage special offer of £10 per ticket at the moment and, importantly, it comes down at 9.20, leaviing time for a ginger beer or seven afterwards. Not a good idea for me, though, as I tend to fall over after two. It’s rather embarrassing when your eighteen year old niece can drink you under the table! Tickets are available at or 020 7287 2875 and more info can be found on
‘Pride and Prejudice’, that I adapted for Heartbreak Productions, has just finished its three month national tour, playing to very large audiences and getting some great crits. Fabulous cast and great directing. I could only get to see it once, but they were all simply terrific. Very proud.
That’s all for the time being. More shortly when I’m not so busy with acting and other creative shenanigans. I’m not complaining though; it’s lovely to be back on stage.
Take good care of yourselves and enjoy this final shard of summer sunshine.
David x

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