March 2011

I always say that spring begins on March 1st; St David’s Day. My saint’s day. My mum wanted me to become a priest when I was little. (Obviously, she didn’t expect me to become a priest when I was a child, she just hoped that I would become one when I grew up!). Honestly, supposed to be a writer and can’t even explain myself properly. Still very excited about this year; the prospect of warmer weather, a time of ambitions to be fulfilled, picnics to attend, tans, sitting outside cafes, and love. Just the anticipation of it makes you feel like you can do anything. The world is, indeed, your aphrodisiac shellfish.

So, I’m currently sitting at home, having torn muscles in my back. My GP has prescribed valium to stop the muscles spasming. The pain is quite nasty but the valium more than makes up for it. Couldn’t tell you my name at the moment, but the world’s a very happy place!

Heaps of congratulations to my God-daughter, Leila Mimmack who, in the space of two weeks, got herself roles in Holby City and A view from a bridge, as well as currently starring in Becoming Human. Stonking stuff.

‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’ is still receiving enormous interest but, as yet, no funding. Unsurprising to an extent, I suppose, in the current financial climate, but a tad annoying nonetheless. I had two letters from well-known producers this week saying ‘this is a great play but is not something we’re looking for at the moment’. TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR AND I’LL WRITE THE BUGGERY THING!!!

‘Pride and Prejudice’ is now completed and with the producers and director ready to start rehearsing in May. Though I say it myself ( and, let’s face it, I would ), it’s well worth getting to see if you can. Marie McCarthy is directing ( Marie directed ‘The Secret Garden’ that I adapted last year and made a fabulous job of it ) and Heartbreak’s casts are always excellent. Details of dates and venues can be found on

I’m now onto the fifth chapter of my novel ( working title, ‘The Last Taboo’ ). Can’t say what it’s about as yet but am having enormous fun with it and thoroughly enjoying writing it. Its rather topical is all I’ll say at the  moment.

Anyway, I must end this entry. I’ve just taken another valium as the pain has intensified and, when it kicks in, I’ll probably start writing in Swahili.

Take care and enjoy the beginning of spring.


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