“Stuff” is happening

So, wasn’t ‘Downton’ just fantastic.  Maggie Smith should be hailed as a national treasure “What’s a weekend?” Love it!

Quick one this month – so to speak. Stuff is happening ( I love the word ‘stuff’. It sounds as though you’ve got a vocabulary that’s so large that you can use the word ironically – whereas in fact you only use it because you don’t HAVE a vocabulary ). Unfortunately not all of it good stuff, though.

Struggling for backing for ‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’, my second play, due to open at Jermyn Street Theatre next May. The producer’s backers aren’t playing ball. In fact they’re not even playing Tiddlywinks. Obviously I don’t want to lose the chance of doing it at such a great venue but, so far, only an eighth of the budget has been raised and decisions have to be made within the next couple of weeks. I would start selling my body on the streets…but what can you do with £3.50?

On a plus note, the performed reading of my first play ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ is taking place at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the Actors Centre in London on Thursday 2nd December at 2.30pm.. Please e mail me at davidkerbykendall@hotmail.com if you would like to come. Its free, and we have a great cast in place: Tim McFarland as Alex, Keaton Makki as Sam, Louise Voce as Julie and Sophie Danino as Karen, with me directing.

Continuing to work on the adaptation of  Pride and Prejudice for Heartbreak Prods. At the beginning I’d have rather stuck pins in my eyes but I’m starting to enjoy it now.

As I promised, short and sweet….well, short anyway. If anyone knows anybody with some money who wants to put it in to a play that’s a sure-fire hit (or, indeed, my play), please let me know!!

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