New York birthday

As the regular readers of this column ( both of you ) will be aware, there was no blog in September. This was due to a multitude of different things. Inertia, lethargy and failing memory may all play a tiny part but the main reason was that September was stupidly busy.

For a start I hit a certain landmark birthday. One with a zero on the end…..and unfortunately it wasn’t thirty. And so new words and phrases begin to insert themselves into my vocabulary, such as:

‘No, I’m too tired, I think I’ll just go home’.
‘I wake up to Radio 4 now, I just love the Today programme’.
‘The trouble with the young….’

And, of course, the perennial favourite

‘When I listened to the charts we had REAL songs in it’.

I spent my ‘not thirtieth’ birthday in a bar on a ship on the Thames ( not on my own, I hasten to add, I’d hired some people from! ) and later at the Comedy Store for ‘Whose line is it anyway’ night. Had a great day. Many laughs ( mostly at my drunken dyslexia ) and, considering I normally fall over after two pints, the fact that I had about fourteen double vodka and oranges and still managed to make sense until I was about to leave and decided to make the customary ‘friendship is more important than anything’ speech whilst propping up the bar, a wall and my head, is pretty good going, I think.

The following weekend I treated myself to my first venture abroad for NINE years and flew to New York. One of my best friends lives out there and we had a simply awesome time doing all the touristy things. The 102nd floor of the Empire State at night was breathtaking. The fact that I can’t climb a stepladder without getting vertigo was a little off-putting, but, after I spent the first five minutes clinging to the inner wall of the outside walkway saying ‘Oh f*ck, oh f*ck, oh f*ck, I then got used to it and could join the throngs of the seven year-olds who didn’t give a sod how high it was. Radio City was also amazing; an architectural orgasm of Art Deco, and Grand Central and the museums and Central Park were equally wonderful. I loved the place. Before I went a friend said to me “it’ll be everything you expected, and more”. They were right.

Throw in a few outings to see Dara O’Briain, Reginald D Hunter, Dylan Moran and Eddie Izzard and you’ve got a pretty busy month. However I wasn’t just gallivanting around like…. a big gallivanter on St Gallivant’s Day. My second play, ‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’ is now pencilled to open at Jermyn Street Theatre on 30th May 2011 (just the small deal of contracts to be signed). I have also completed the pilot episode of a six-part comedy/drama series for Heartbreak Prods, entitled ‘The Tour’. There is also a possibility that the new version of my first play ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ may be staged at a London fringe theatre in the spring of next year ( more when I know ), and finally, I shall be directing two play-readings of ‘Kisses’ at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the Actors’ Centre in Covent Garden on 2nd December.

Until November ( hopefully ), take much care.

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