Congratulations to Case Eames

So I’d like to start with big congratulations to my friend Case Eames who’s gone and landed herself her first lead playing Calamity Jane at the ‘Upstairs at the Gatehouse’ theatre in Highgate, north London (any excuse to wear a cowboy hat). Case and I work together doing the acting tours at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and I was with her when she found out. It only took about five valium to calm her down. She’s going to be great ( she told me to say ), so if you’re out and about in north London in June, go see the production.

Also, if you’ve never done the tour at Drury Lane, do give it a go. Its lots of fun as well as been very informative. We dress up as characters from the theatre’s history (Nell Gwyn, David Garrick, etc) and take you through the story of what is the longest continuously operating theatre in the world, whilst throwing in the odd ad lib and occasionally remembering that there is a script. Lots of interesting stuff that I didn’t know about until I started doing it; things like all the backstage terms we use are mostly nautical and began when the sailors used to work behind the scenes, in the seventeenth century, when their ships were moored on the banks of the Thames. Hence we have a ‘backstage crew’, a ‘fly tower’, a ‘lighting rig’, the ‘scenery dock’ and the ‘dock doors’.

‘The Secret Garden’ is now into the rehearsal stage. I’m going up to Warwickshire soon to see how its going. I’m very excited as its my first big adaptation.

I’m also trying to raise funds for my second play ‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’. I’ve had some strong interest in it but now need to get some finances in place for a possible autumn production. Easier said than done, so if anyone knows any millionaires who love the arts, PLEASE let me know!

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