Website complete.

And so my website is complete. My showreel is now up and ready to view. Check it out. There’s bits of acting in it…usually by other people. My thanks, once again, to the guys from Sanus Visual productions for filming it, to Andy Cardy for an editing job beyond the call of duty, and to Holly Thurman, Mike Serrato and Alan Ruscoe for the acting.
On the subject of thanks, a great big one ( thank you, that is ) to Anthony Pearson who designed and has been running my website since its inception.
Right, luvvy bit over. April 1st has now happened. Its just the best day of the year. A day that means spring is really here ( though some low-pressure area from Iceland very nearly contrived to put the mockers on that ). On this day every year, I start to read my joint-favourite novel, ‘The Mysteries of Pittsburgh’ by Michael Chabon ( my other favourite is ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’ by John Irving ). Its a wonderful novel about a young guy’s first summer after graduation, the inexplicable depth of friendship, and falling in love ( with both sexes ). Its a novel you just want to hug and contains one of my favourite lines, which is said in a moment of sheer, unadulterated happiness: ‘I wanted to hold aloft the enchanted flag of summer’.
On the work front I’ve just finished the fourth and, believe me, FINAL draft of ‘The Secret Garden’. If I see another bloody secret garden I may just dig it up and set fire to it! I’ve also edited ( for Heartbreak Prods ) a piece that’s just been recorded for BBC Radio called ‘Just the Job’, and I’ve begun to tout my second play, ‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’ to various theatres. Now I just need Rupert Graves to agree to play the other role for fifty quid a week! So, if you’re reading this, Rupert………
And finally, huge congratulations to my God-daughter, Leila Mimmack for her performance as Gina in ‘Married, Single, Other. A simply stunning TV debut.

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