Money, money, money…

It’s typical, isn’t it? You spend your life sitting friends down, buying them a ludicrously overpriced double caffeine rush in Café Nero and telling them not to worry about having to make a difficult decision; that the only wrong decision is no decision and to live life to the full and not be scared about taking risks. You remind them that the only person who puts rules and constrictions on our ability to fly is ourselves. Then YOU have an awkward situation occur, a choice between the sensible, financially secure option or the ‘spread your wings and make sure you never regretted not going for it’ option and you end up tearing your hair out, muttering to yourself on the tube and falling over after one pint of Guinness because of the stress. (Actually, scrap the last point, I fall over after one pint with or without stress).

And so I am faced with a decision between giving up some of my money-earning, rent paying jobs to concentrate on career-enhancing projects or playing it safe and working ludicrous hours in order to have enough money for the odd takeaway and occasional cheap holiday ( which I never take anyway because I’m working ludicrous hours ). I know, the answer’s screaming at me. And, if I were talking to me, I’d be on my third Milano, waggling my finger, putting my arm round my shoulder and telling myself to give up working so many jobs and concentrate on what I really WANT to do. I DO hope I listen.

I suppose one has only to look at the recent tragic death of the TV presenter, Kristian Digby. Great looking guy, lovely person, terrific at his job, long and successful career ahead of him and dead at thirty-two. We should all be thankful for what we have in the moment and live, not that tomorrow will never come, that would be somewhat pessimistic, but without the confining limits we put around ourselves. As Mandela said, ‘it is not our weaknesses we are afraid of, its our strengths’.

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