Last month… and this one!

As month’s go, we’ll call the last one…..October.

Not a great deal happened in October, really. Summer finally arrived. The summer of 2007, that is – not entirely sure where the last two have got to.

To finance my second play, I’ve continued working four jobs. I don’t advise it; my only excitement in life is eating and falling asleep, usually whilst pointing a follow-spot at the cast of Phantom of the Opera, thereby creating an effect called ‘not lighting the right person’. I have managed a couple of arty-type somethings: filmed various scenes from my first play and screenplay with Sanus Visual Productions, a great bunch of guys who spent eighteen hours over two days getting everything technically spot-on while I constantly rearranged my fringe and forgot my lines. A big thank you to all the boys and to Alan Ruscoe, Holly Thurman and Mike Serrato, who all donated their considerable acting talents for the price of a pizza and a big ‘thank you darling’ hug at the end. The finished product will soon be making its way onto the website so, watch this space……………well, not THIS space, obviously – the space where it says ‘Showreel’.

Also hiked myself off to the ‘Political Art’ recording studios in Ealing to record a  new radio play called ‘Snoozewurzle’s Big Idea’. This is a quite excellent spoof on politics and the current state of the world economy, but done as a fairytale. This is the third play I’ve recorded for the company ( run by John Fryer along with his girlfriend, Sheila ) and was enormous fun. I play the crusty old Dragon and King Nestor, a cross between Alec Guinness and Hitler.

I’ve also started to work on an adaptation of ‘The Secret Garden’ for Heartbreak Productions, which will be doing a four-month national tour starting in May next year, and is my first major commission for them. So, if I can stay awake in between follow-spotting, office work, the acting tours of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and teaching, I may just get it finished before the first rehearsal. Oh, on the subject of Heartbreak, check out our first screen collaboration together; its on YouTube and called ‘As You Dislike It’.

And finally, I’ve just had yet ANOTHER operation on my knees – the fourth – and am sitting at the computer with a bag of frozen peas over a knee the size of a small African country, completely off my face on Co-dydramol. So, if none of this makes sense, it’s the pills…and the pain… and the lethargy.

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