‘Nomination’, Bafta’ and ‘Palm D’or’

I’d love to begin September’s ‘Latest’ page with a massive opening paragraph including words such as ‘Nomination’, Bafta’ and ‘Palm D’or’. Unfortunately we’d need to list this under ‘Fiction’ or, indeed, ‘Neurotic Ranting’.

In my rather feeble defence, I’ve been recovering after having nine verrucas lasered off my foot ( I thought gyms were where you got fit, not got verrucas ). I’m also limping because my left knee has finally given up the will to hold up the rest of my body. The right one is already plastic – a sort of chav ‘six million dollar man’ if you will. So, I’m off to hospital to have the left one done next month ( I have the knees of a ninety year-old. I do wish he’d have them back; I don’t want them ). So, all in all, five out of ten for excuses.

I have, however, written a ten-minute film for Heartbreak productions entitled ‘As You Dislike It’, a satirical look at the cast of a touring production of, would you believe, ‘As You Like It’, and the comparison between their relationships at the beginning and the end of the tour. This was filmed in late August and I hope to have an excerpt on the site asap with a link to the Heartbreak website for the full version.

I’ve also been editing some scripts in preparation for filming a showreel in early October. Basically, this will be short snippets from my first play, ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ and my screenplay ‘Cometh The Man’. This is being done in conjunction with Sanus Visual Productions, a new company started by three great young guys, Andreas, Anthony and Andrew ( obviously you can only be part of the set-up if your name begins with an ‘A’ ). They all already have a considerable knowledge of film production and I’m very much looking forward to working with them.

Off to see ‘Bathhouse, the Musical’ at the Theatre Above The Stag soon. The show’s had great reviews and the theatre, only a year old, is a fabulous place. Very centrally located ( it’s in Victoria, just behind Billy Elliott…if you’ll pardon the expression ), it’s been converted from a disused and rather unloved events room into a terrific new fringe theatre.

Anyway, enjoy what’s left of the time of year formally known as ‘summer’ and take care of  yourselves.

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