Summer finally here

So, summer has descended. Not so much descended as fallen from a large height, reaching extreme temperatures on the way.

And to those pale-faced people who scurry around shielding themselves under their ‘summer’ umbrellas ( a sort of less-camp parasol, if you will ) and who constantly witter that ‘the sun is bad for you’, I say this: “Pish and tush to you! Come out from your shadowy corners and find a life. Enjoy the vitamin D the sun gives us and enjoy communing with other people and nature. Enjoy looking up the word ‘enjoy’ and finding out what it means”.

Oh, in moderation, of course. I’m not advocating eight hours a day in the sun, obviously. And, ‘don’t try this at home’. I believe it’s now a legal necessity to say this every five minutes. Otherwise you can be sued. Presumably by people who only do things at home.

Anyway, moving on. There’s going to be a slight delay in the second production of my first play ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’, to be staged at the Theatre Above the Stag. It’s not now opening in mid-August, mainly due to time constraints with rehearsals and such shenanigans. Shouldn’t be too long afterwards but I will post dates as soon as I know them.

The first draft of my second play, ‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven,’ is nearly finished. I’s to dot and T’s to cross….. oh, and the final scene to write. More news on that as the month progresses.

Speaking of enjoying the summer; if you like open-air theatre, I can thoroughly recommend any of the plays currently being toured by Heartbreak Productions. ‘As You Like It’, ‘Emma’ and ‘Wind in the Willows’ are all playing in some gorgeous beauty spots all over the country. Take your champagne, wine, Special Brew or Meths ( delete as appropriate ) and your picnic and watch one of the best touring companies in the country. ( Now, I know I’m the in-house writer for Heartbreak and have, indeed, acted in two tours for them but, that aside, I’m not in the slightest bit biased ). Their productions of old classics are always new, fresh, vital and hugely entertaining. Basically, a damn good evening out. Check their website,

And finally, my thanks to my friend, Anthony Pearson; a/ for this website and b/ for tea and buns the other day.

Enjoy this uplifting time of year and, as the wonderful Dave Allen used to say, “May your God go with you”.

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