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So, the big news – when I say ‘big’ I obviously mean relatively insignificant compared to Sacha Baron Cohen sticking his arse in Eminem’s face or Hazel Blears claiming £80,000 for a new ironing board ( well, she has to have somewhere to iron her hair, I suppose ) – but ‘big’ as far as this website and its loyal band of followers (both of them) are concerned, is that my first play ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ is to be staged at the ‘Theatre Above the Stag’ in Victoria (London) from mid-August for four weeks ( dates still to be confirmed). This is the new version of the play which became, to my complete amazement, the most successful production at the Barons Court Theatre when it was produced there in 2007, and even attracted a small cult following ( my mother and two people who owe her money ). I shall be revisiting the role of Sam ( as opposed to Brideshead ) and other casting will commence very shortly.

My second play, ‘The Moon is Halfway to Heaven’ is now half-written, and I am hoping to stage this soon after ‘Kisses’. I’m in the process of trying to secure funding – really easy in a recession – and am very excited about this project. It’s the story of a lifelong friendship between two guys from the age of seven to eighty-two ( the same two actors playing all the ages ) and, as Victoria Wood would say, takes you right across the emotional speculum.

Anyway, while I’m sitting here in front of my coal-fired, 386, Intel NOT inside computer, just a suggestion to check out my friend Anthony Pearsons’ site ‘Tranquility Base Presents’ ( Actually, Anthony also designed this site for me ). Believe me, this makes Horne and Corden look like a year three nativity play. Actually the Teletubbies does the same, but Tranquility Base Presents is wonderful stuff; clever, articulate and beautifully left-field.

Also, if you can get to see it, Sondheim’s ‘Company’ is playing at the Union Theatre, London, with a fantastic cast, including two other friends of mine, Lincoln Stone and Katherine Eames. It’s a fabulous production and has had rave reviews.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the beginning of summer. I love this time of year. Four months of good weather ahead, alfresco café society, people sitting in parks and actually smiling at each other, and the best time to make world-altering plans. We never do them, of course, but it’s fun to pretend.

Take care of yourselves,


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